UCAN Hydrate - 30 Serving Tub

The Why
  • 5 essential electrolytes
  • Replenish what’s lost through sweat
  • Zero sugar, zero calories
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia
  • 30-serving canister
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Get the most out of your workouts while preventing cramping and dehydration with naturally-sweetened UCAN Hydrate powdered drink mix. Formulated by an Olympic Dietitian for optimal electrolyte replacement, one serving of Hydrate can help you stay hydrated before, during, or after a workout. 310mg sodium, 100mg chloride, 90mg potassium, 60mg magnesium, and 20mg calcium per serving.

  • Zero Sugar, Zero Calories - Rehydrate healthier and skip the sugary sports drinks. Naturally sweetened with stevia and no artificial ingredients, UCAN is great for rehydrating during and after workouts, combating heat exhaustion and hydrating during illness.
  • Fast Dehydration Relief - Replenish your body like the pros with hydration formulated by an Olympic dietitian. Trusted by top professional and college athletes, as well as expert trainers and nutritionists.
  • 2X More Magnesium - Optimize your workouts and boost your energy with two times more magnesium than other popular electrolyte products. UCAN is packed with five essential electrolytes to prevent fatigue and recover faster.
  • Gluten Free | non-GMO | Vegan-friendly | Keto-friendly
  • Lemon Lime | Berry | Watermelon

How and when to use:
  • Mix 1 serving with 16-20 oz water and shake well to dissolve.
  • Drink 1 serving of UCAN hydrate every 1-2 hours before, during, or after exercise.
  • For people leading active lifestyles, drink a serving each day to boost hydration and energy while avoiding sugary drinks.