Virtual Metabolic Conditioning

The Why
  • Understand your precise 5 heart rate training zones that should be used during your workout
  • Includes custom designed heart rate training workouts
  • Custom workouts are conveniently delivered via the Life Time Health mobile app and via email
  • Requirements: must have completed CardioCoach or Active Metabolic Reassessment within the last 4 months.
  • $59 per month of custom workouts. Choose how many months you want in the quantity above.
  • Save $60 on the CardioCoach when purchased with the Virtual Metabolic Conditioning.
  • Save $30 on Active Metabolic Reassessment when purchased with Virtual Metabolic Conditioning
  • Includes custom designed heart rate training workouts based on your schedule and your goals.
  • Custom workouts are delivered through the Life Time Health mobile app and via email.
  • Must have a bluetooth heart rate strap that is compatible with Life Time Member app. The Scosche Rhythm 24 and the LTF CardioSport Chest strap are two great options.
  • Currently available only to Life Time members.

The Metabolic Conditioning program will be based on the results of your most recent Active Metabolic Assessment (AMA).  A customized heart rate zone training program will be designed for you.  The program will be based on which days of the week you plan to exercise using heart rate zones and how much time makes sense to plan for on those days.  It also takes into consideration what your health and fitness goals are in order to customize it for you.

The workouts will be delivered to you through the Life Time Member Mobile app and via email.  To be able to complete the workouts through the Life Time Member mobile app, you must have a Bluetooth Smart compatible heart rate strap to be able to complete these workouts.  The Scosche Rhythm Plus and the LTF CardioSport Chest strap are two great options.   The app will guide you through the workouts and the data from the completed workouts will allow your Metabolic Coach to see how you are progressing and understand when you may be due to changes to your plan.

As part of this program it is recommended that you reassess your AMA every 3-4 months.