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Our Promise

We're Much More Than Fitness

As Life Time® expands from our original beginnings in fitness into a wide range of businesses that fulfill our complete Healthy Way of Life mission and vision, Life Time is establishing itself as the global leader in the Healthy Way of Life category and as a true lifestyle brand. 

We offer more than fitness; we help people change, get healthier, reach new goals and do things they love. We are champions for healthy, happy lives.

In support of our mission, the websites are changing to  The Life Time Health Store, formerly, can now be found on

We’ll Keep It Healthy

  • We help you “Nourish It” by offering: 
    • Nutritionals and supplements made from pure, safe and effective ingredients. 
    • Personal-care products free of known nasties such as BPA, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), phthalates and other harsh chemicals. 
    • Food made from clean, natural ingredients. No artificial anything. No processed vegetable oils. No white sugar. No bleached flours. Period. 
  • No gimmicks or shortcuts – we’ll help you “Move It” by only offering exercise equipment and gear that’s best-in-class, responsibly made and built to last. 

We’ll Save You Time

  • We narrowed it down to the cream of the crop in each category so you don’t have to comparison shop all day (or night). 
  • We offer one-stop research and shopping so you don’t have to toggle through dozens of browser tabs just to buy vitamins. 

We’ll Ease Your Mind

  • We help you “Know It” by keeping things transparent. Everyone should have the information to make the best decisions for their family’s health. 
  • Our products are selected and tested by our industry-leading Certified Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians and Health Coaches so you can feel confident about every item you buy