Whey Protein Plus All in One

The Why
  • High-protein drink mix formulated with grass-fed whey concentrate
  • Supports muscle repair, lean body mass, & satiety
  • Flavored & sweetened using only naturally derived ingredients
As low as $29.99
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FastFuel Lean and Grass-fed Whey Protein+ All in One Shake are the same formula, so if you like the features of the Grass-fed Whey Protein+ All in One Shake outlined on our protein comparisons page, you’re in the right spot! 

This formula is a high-protein drink mix designed to conveniently support your efforts to achieve a lean, strong physique. Every serving contains 30 grams of grass-fed whey protein to support lean muscle mass and 8 grams of dietary fiber to support healthy digestion and stabilize blood sugars†. Plus, added vitamins and minerals boost the nutrient profile with dosages that can reduce or replace a daily multivitamin (when two servings per day are used)†.

It’s naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia and contains NO aspartame, NO sucralose, NO Ace-k, no synthetic colors, no binders, no fillers, no preservatives and no harmful additives.  Per serving: 210-220 Calories, 30g Protein, 16g Carbs, 7-8g Fiber, 5g Fat. 20 servings per container.

Supports satiety and lean muscle mass & helps control food cravings†.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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