Food Sensitivity Plus

The Why
  • Understand your unique metabolism better
  • We test the 15 most common food sensitivities
  • Tailor your nutrition and exercise approach based on the results
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  • Insights to digestion, nutrient levels, and inflammation
  • Ideally used to track progress of this specific area of metabolism 3-4 months after an Ultimate All-in-One Lab Panel, but can also be used as a starting point
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  • If you have any questions, reach out to reach a nutrition coach
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Knowledge makes the difference: You’re designed to be healthy.

Yet, sometimes you can’t understand why you feel the way you feel or why you aren’t getting the results you’re after. 

Lab Testing: The Inside Story. Results through science. 
At Life Time, we believe you deserve to be at your best. The more we know, the more we can measure, track, and change. With objective information about how your body functions, you can tailor your nutrition and exercise approach to more effectively support energy, athletic performance, sleep, strength, longevity, and a healthy body composition. 

Which lab test is right for you? Complete the Symptom Questionnaire for insights into the best next steps to take.

What’s tested?
Gluten IgG
Wheat IgG
Yeast (Bakers/Brewers) IgG
Casein IgG
Beta Lactoglobulin (the major whey protein in dairy) IgG
Pea IgG
Egg White IgG
Egg Yolk IgG
Soybean IgG
Peanut IgG
Maize/Corn IgG
Tomato IgG
Almond IgG
Walnut IgG
Cashew Nut IgG

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, Total
Iron indicator: Ferritin 

Kidney markers: 

  • BUN
  • Creatinine
  • eGFR


  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Calcium

Blood proteins:

  • Total Protein
  • Albumin
  • Globulin

Liver Health:

  • Alkaline Phosphatase
  • AST and ALT
  • GGT
  • Bilirubin, total
  • Ability to transport oxygen: 
  • RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit
  • MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, Platelets

Immune system: 

  • WBC, Neutrophils
  • Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils

If you have any questions, please reach out to - we are honored and happy to help! 

Life Time Assessments & Lab Testing are for consumer educational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice, care, diagnosis, or treatment and are not intended to be a replacement or substitution for the medical advice, care, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed medical practitioner. Life Time recommends that you share you test results with your health care provider.

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