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Hypervolt 2 Pro

Perfect for the Alpha athlete, the Hypervolt 2 Pro is the strongest percussion device by Hyperice offering deep-penetrating relief to stiff muscles so you can train harder and recover faster.
  • 5 speeds with patented pressure sensor (3 levels)
  • Digital speed dial & removable batter/handle
  • Brushless high-torque 90w motor
  • Lightweight design (2.6 lbs)
  • $329.00
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    Get the same powerful percussion massage therapy that the world's best athletes have—right in the palm of your hand. Now with more power, and variable speeds, the Hypervolt 2 Pro helps you recover faster so you can get back to doing more of what you love.

    Serious relief
    The Hypervolt 2 Pro is our strongest percussion device, offering deep-penetrating relief to stiff muscles, so you can train harder and recover faster.

    Level up
    Choose the speed that’s right for you. Cycle through five levels of percussion with the digital speed dial.

    Power your progress
    Warm up and recover like the pros do, with guided routines from top athletes and automatic speed adjustment with the Bluetooth® connected Hyperice App, powered by HyperSmart™ technology.

    • 5 speeds
    • Digital speed dial
    • Removable battery / handle
    • Brushless high-torque 90w motor
    • Patented QuietGlide® technology
    • Patented pressure sensor (3 levels)
    • Lightweight design (2.6 lbs)
    • Cordless – 3 hour battery life
    • Travel-friendly (TSA approved carry-on)
    Expert Answers: What Should I Do on My Recovery Days? 
    Everyone’s ideal recovery (or rest) day will differ, depending on factors such as training goals, fitness level, and workout intensity, frequency, specificity, and duration. As a starting point, experts agree on the following guidelines: keep moving, embrace self-care, try something new, and make time. Click here to help determine your personal recovery regimen.
    The Recovery Zone
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    Expert Answers: Upper-Body Foam Rolling
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    On a Roll
    According to a new study, two minutes of foam rolling enhances flexibility just as much as static stretching.  Ready to start?  Roll out each muscle group for about 40 seconds, relaxing for about 15 seconds between sessions, and completing two sessions per muscle group. Repeat daily.  Click here for more information and video of rolling techniques.  
    Be Your Own Massage Therapist
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