Xerball Medicine Ball

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As low as $55.18
  • Perfect for light throwing, rebounding and handheld training
  • Easy-grip, dimpled basketball-style design
  • Available in 5 weights; from 2 – 10 lbs.

Toss it, bounce it, tote it — get ripped with medicine ball training.

Build muscular strength, power, stability and joint integrity with the SPRI Xerball. Add a degree of difficulty to nearly any body-weight exercise, and explore a new world of partner training with toss, bounce and other exercises. Super-durable rubber construction allows for heavy use without ever losing its shape.
- Add air to increase bounce and add variety to exercise
- Color-coded by weight
- 2-lb. and 4-lb. ball are 9.5” diameter; 6-lb. and 8-lb. balls are 8.875” diameter; 10-lb. ball is 10.063” diameter