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Brushee On The Go Toothbrush

The Why
  • Pre-pasted brush — real minty fresh toothpaste in the bristles
  • Comfortable floss — glides smoothly between tight teeth
  • Long toothpick — pull apart brush to target hard-to-reach areas
As low as $19.99
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BRUSHEE provides you with three cleaning functions to keep your mouth clean and fresh 24/7. Just brush, pick, and floss your way to a beautiful smile with our innovative travel toothbrushes.
No need to rinse after brushing - the bristles are coated with toothpaste engineered to produce minimal foam.
Ideal for travel - Brushee passes all TSA requirements, and is the perfect product to take with you when traveling.
Perfect for invisalign & braces - With Brushee, it's easy to make sure your smile is perfect on-the-go with Invisalign.
Don't get caught with bad breath - Brushee removes food particles from hard-to-reach areas.

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