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Strong Suspension Trainer


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  • One product. Countless movements. Endless possibilities.
  • Scientifically validated - activates more muscles and delivers more results in less time
  • Take it on the road - travel friendly
  • Overview
  • The Why

TRX Strong System is the best-selling, best-in-class suspension trainer for perfect full-body workouts.  Advance your fitness journey using only your bodyweight to build muscle, strengthen your core, burn fat, increase your flexibilty and improve endurance.  Similar to those seen in your Life Time clubs, these are perfect to bring your workouts home with you! 

What's Included:

- TRX Strong Suspension Trainer
- 8 workout downloads
- Suspension anchor
- Door anchor
- Workout poster
- Mesh carry bag

TRX: Strength Hangs in the Balance
It’s just a pair of nylon straps, but the TRX Suspension Trainer offers hundreds of strength-building exercises – and it fits in the corner of a suitcase.  Most do-it-all fitness gadgets make exercising way too easy, way too hard or way too boring. Try as manufacturers might, they simply can’t provide as effective a workout as you can get using your body weight and a little imagination, much less what you can get in a well-equipped gym.  Everyone seems to agree, however, that it’s hard to beat the TRX as your go-to home gym or gym-away-from-home. It weighs all of 2 pounds, fits in a grapefruit-size mesh bag, and offers hundreds of exercise variations and progressions you simply can’t do without it.  Click here to watch a video of the six exercises that will work your upper body, lower body and core.
One Month to Muscles
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