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PULSE Leg and Hip Recovery System - Short


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NormaTec PULSE Leg and Hip Recovery System uses patented technology to:
  • Massage and increase circulation
  • Conquer sore muscles
  • Give you the competitive edge of rapid recovery
  • Overview
  • The Why

Serious athletes gain a competitive advantage with the rapid recovery benefits of the NormaTec PULSE Leg and Hip Recovery System. Keep your hips loose and flexible, and your legs fresh with this essential NormaTec PULSE recovery package. The leg attachments are designed to massage from the upper thigh to the foot, while the hip attachment covers your quads, hamstrings, IT band, glutes, and lower back.


  • NormaTec PULSE control unit, hosing, power supply, two leg attachments, hip attachment, and microfiber bag
  • Two year warranty on all system components
  • World voltage capable external 12V power supply
  • Rugged construction of all components makes for easy travel
  • Low maintenance – simply wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Attachments are made with durable, lightweight, high-quality nylon
  • Control Unit is light (weighs just 3.6 lbs) and fits in your hand (9"H x 5"W x 4"D)
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 2 hours of use
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