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Fit Suspension Trainer


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  • One product. Countless movements. Endless possibilities.
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TRX Fit System is for those beginning their fitness journey so they can move better in life and sport.  If you want to burn fat, build muscle, develop a strong core and increase mobility the TRX Fit Systems is the next tool to put in your fitness bag.  

What's Included:

- TRX Fit Suspension trainer
- 2 workout downloads
- workout poster
- suspension anchor
- door anchor 
- mesh carry bag

TRX Fit Suspension Trainer detailed PDF



It’s just a pair of nylon straps, but the TRX Suspension Trainer offers hundreds of strength-building exercises – and it fits in the corner of a suitcase.

Most do-it-all fitness gadgets make exercising way too easy, way too hard or way too boring. Try as manufacturers might, they simply can’t provide as effective a workout as you can get using your body weight and a little imagination, much less what you can get in a well-equipped gym. But The TRX makes body-weight training more interesting and opens up a whole realm of variations and progressions.

Navy SEAL Commander Randy Hetrick cobbled together the first Suspension Trainer from a karate belt and some spare parachute webbing while deployed in Iraq. Hetrick’s contraption is now used by high-level athletes in just about every sport, including Drew Brees, Dwight Howard, Michael Phelps and former UFC champion George St. Pierre.

At the other end of the spectrum, physical therapists across North America are prescribing TRX movements for their injured patients. “The key to the effectiveness of the TRX is that you’re using your own body weight as resistance,” says Fraser Quelch, director of programming and development for Fitness Anywhere, which manufactures the TRX. “It’s a simple idea, but it’s very powerful.”
Body-weight exercises such as squats, lunges and pushups have long been staples in the smart exerciser’s workout program because they work many muscle groups at once and resemble movements that crop up regularly in life and sport. Most of these movements are what exercise physiologists call “closed kinetic chain” exercises — movements performed with one or both feet or hands planted on the ground — and are known to reinforce healthy muscle-firing sequences, creating not just stronger muscles but overall coordination and athleticism, as well. “The TRX develops the body as a single unit: the legs, the arms, the torso, the shoulders, the pelvic floor — everything gets stronger,” says Jolie Kobrinsky, TRX-certified trainer and owner of Prime Personal Training in Monterey, Calif.

The downside of many body-weight training exercises is that the weight you’re lifting isn’t usually adjustable. Many people find chin-ups too hard, for instance, and body-weight squats a bit too easy. With the TRX, however, body-weight exercises become easily scalable to the needs of the exerciser. If chin-ups are too hard, you can perform TRX back rows, a scalable exercise that gradually increases your ability to pull your entire body weight. TRX work also automatically engages your core (the musculature on the front, sides and back of the torso), meaning that, for once, you don’t have to remind yourself to “tighten the core” — because it happens on its own.

“With some strength-training movements, you can cheat on form,” says Alwyn Cosgrove, MS, CSCS, co-owner of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, Calif. “That’s not generally possible with the TRX. If you don’t fire up the core when you’re doing inverted rows, for instance, you can’t do the exercise. You’re either doing it with good form or you’re not doing it at all.”

It’s hard to beat the TRX as your go-to home gym or gym-away-from-home. It weighs all of 2 pounds, fits in a grapefruit-size mesh bag, and offers hundreds of exercise variations and progressions you simply can’t do without it. “Comparing most other portable exercise equipment to the TRX is like comparing fast food with home-grown vegetables,” says Kobrinsky. “It works balance, strength, core activation, posture — you get a lot of bang for your buck.”



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