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Arm Attachment - Right


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  • Reduce pain and soreness, rejuvenate muscles
  • Increase circulation
  • Recover faster between workouts and competitions
  • Overview
  • The Why

The NormaTec arm attachment features premium materials and overlapping zones for gapless compression. The arm attachment is sewn with triple reinforced stitching for unparalleled durability, molds to your unique body for a perfect fit every time, and includes integrated tubing and connectors for ease-of-use. Includes one right or left arm attachment.

Expert Answers: What Should I Do on My Recovery Days? 
Everyone’s ideal recovery (or rest) day will differ, depending on factors such as training goals, fitness level, and workout intensity, frequency, specificity, and duration. As a starting point, experts agree on the following guidelines: keep moving, embrace self-care, try something new, and make time. Click here to help determine your personal recovery regimen.
The Recovery Zone
Smart athletes know when to back off their hardcore training to rest and recover. Do you? The fitness gains you’re working so hard for can’t happen without some strategic breaks. Click here to learn more about the Recovery Zone. 
Be Your Own Massage Therapist
Click here to learn how to become your own bodyworker with these expert tips on trigger-point therapy and self-myofascial release.  Stiff shoulders. Niggling neck and back pain. Sore feet. From head to toe, our bodies are bastions of tension and tightness that accumulate from activities as mundane as sitting and as strenuous as exercising.  Massage is a reliable tool for easing this musculoskeletal tension, but not everyone has regular access to the practice.