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Daily Essentials Bundle - Whey (Vanilla)


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  • A suite of core supplements to support nutrients that are often hard to get from food alone
  • 30-day supply of Essential Multivitamin (90 capsules), Fish Oil capsules (120 capsules), and a 15-serving protein tub (your choice of Whey or Vegan, all flavors available)
  • This bundle is perfect for those looking to begin a supplement routine or switch from taking lesser quality, lower potency supplements
  • Overview

Unlike most supplements on the market, every batch of our supplements is tested to verify potency of ingredients, and is screened for heavy metals and other contaminants. We do not use any synthetic colors, flavors or sweeteners

How to use the Daily Essentials Bundle:

  • Take 3 capsules of the Essential Multivitamin every morning, with food
  • Take 2 capsules of Fish Oil every morning, and another 2 capsules every evening
  • Drink a protein shake before every workout, or as a breakfast or snack substitute
    • Mix plain with water, milk or milk substitute
    • Blend with liquid and mix-ins. Our favorites include:
      • Banana and Peanut Butter
      • Spinach and Pineapple
      • Blueberry and Coconut Flakes